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Wish app

Honestly this has been such a fun app and so much stuff to choose from with great prices and fast delivery it’s awesome

Best app

Always enjoy ordering from Wish! They always stand behind their products and refund if necessary! I highly recommend this app!

Luv luv it

I do most of my shopping for myself and gifts here. Everyone loves my gifts because I get such a deal I can get them what they want. Thanks Wish you Rock!!!!

Sometimes deceptive

Some items have high shipping prices so even “free” items may not be a bargain some things are a real good deal but may take a month or more to arrive

Best app to buy from!!

I always love using wish because of the deals you and have. Most of the deals are pretty great and they always have what I’m looking for!! I highly recommend this app to anyone!!



Hard to beat

I love this app! The only real catch is the shipping costs. I have only had one problem with an order, it took longer than the estimated shipping time so they refunded me and I got to keep the items! That was way cool.

Terrible service

I ordered a hoodie that was never delivered to me. Wish insists it was delivered. They refused to issue me a refund. Essentially took my money and did not give me what I paid for. Never using again.

As good as possible

I’ve gotten 3 things and there’s something a little wrong with each of them, but the little problems are so small that it’s absolutely still worth the money.

Love it

So far it’s the best place to shop great deals on great stuff. Christmas shopping now.

Very cool!

Trendy and cheap enough to afford multiple items.


Top notch stuff & variety 🤩

Wish shopper

Love everything I order. Never had a bad experience. Always pleased with my order when it comes in the mail. Never have been disappointed with anything I’ve purchased and will continue to keep ordering more because I’m so pleased with my items.

A money saver

I have purchased from Wish over a year. The merchandise is inexpensive and more than worth what you pay. Many items are free, you only pay shipping. Most items charge the amount of the item for shipping. Example: Earrings cost $1.00 plus shipping $1.00 for total cost of $2.00. Some items ship in 10 days and others may take longer. I’ve learned to shop for gifts four-six weeks before I need them. The longest shipping time I have experienced has been four weeks. Wish stands behind their products and refunds are handled quickly. Give Wish a try; you’re going to love it!

Fast and easy!

I’ll order something then it comes 2-3 days after I order it

Shopping Experiences

Enjoy my shopping experience only one damaged item.

Review of Wish

I am fortunately for them unfortunately for my bank account addicted to Wish. They have a lot of merchandise. Something’s I’ve never seen or only heard about. Takes a while to get used to the system but it is totally worth it. They are very good with the billing. If something hasn’t arrived, they have no problem crediting your account. I haven’t used their return policy yet and probably won’t. As they say it “win some lose some”. I have come out ahead. More winners then losers. But there have been disappointments. But you learn the size eventually. Nail polishes are sample sizes, but for the most part it is what it looks like but maybe smaller. I love wish!

Love wish!

I love using wish because there’s so many clothing choices we don’t get here in the US! It’s hard picking sizes cause the charts are wrong in here sometimes but normally one size up from your normal size is perfect! Love all my stuff!

Amazing app. Love it.

Great app for shopaholics like me. I love it. They have amazing deals at an amazingly low price. Have loved all my purchased items. I love the reward point system. Great offers everyday.


Lo mejor barato y muy útil


I made three orders I gotten two but the third one I have not received yet. I don’t know what happen but I am mad as hell.

pretty good until.....

it was pretty good until I got this. Your account has been flagged for excessive refunds. Shoppers who abuse our generous refund and return policy negatively impact the entire platform and all other shoppers. i understand that the’re people who do that to get free items but i claimed only 2 times. 1 because my item was broken and the other one because I didn’t get the item. I don’t might about the money but I felt insult with the message. anyways good look.


Dislike Wish. Expected delivery date just had to be the most annoying thing. Tracking information is so off. One of my items took forever to deliver that I had to do a refund. And again, another item did not get delivered even after moving the expected delivery date. 🙄 I’m so done with wish. Will never order again. Okay Wish. If you’re broke to the point where you have to scam people and won’t send their packages then I guess you can have my money for free. Peace out.✌️

Great app

I love this app and use it all the time. It’s amazing. 10/10

Great! But...

Ordering everything but clothing is great! Clothing you gotta order in the biggest size possible, like shirts/sweatshirts. Overall awesome place to buy s•••


Takes awhile to arrive


Great app! great items for a cheap price!


Hay variedad de artículos y muy bonitas cosas. Me encanta.

La app es buena

La app es buena pero hay vendedores malos y el envío en algunos casos es muy lento.

Very hard to check out

Tried to check out many times & it showed things I had selected. Finally got order.

Shipping takes a long time!!!!

I love this app because the clothes and a lot of stuff is cheap but the shipping takes a long time to get here!!!


I like getting the point but it seems I never get to use any and they just keep piling up....when do I benefit from them? Seems wish is benefiting from me a lot! Thanks mary

Me gusta

Me encanta comprar en wish


Your sizing are all off we all here in the USA need America sizes not kilometers or chains . I am very sick of ordering and it is to small or to dam big . Come on work with us . Darlene Crossley . Because I do like this wish site to order nice things . And I have a lots of friends I have told about it. So please help us here in U SA

I use a credit card

I used to always shop here but now since I’ve moved, the credit card has stayed the same, same information and everything, my free gift even shipped to me! When I tried to check out this last time, it keeps giving me an error message. I go online and it wants a bank account statement? Again, I used a CREDIT CARD doesn’t make much sense to me. And I’m not shopping here again and I’m informing everyone to do the same. Thanks for nothing


I “wish” it had a better selection of audio equipment.


Most of the time good stuff every now and then I’ll get something that I did NOT order. And the item will not be like what I thought it would be. But for the most part nice app to have. Minus the long wait for arrival.

Needs a few touch ups

In regards to the app’s structure, I think it could be more defined. It can be a little confusing to find information on orders and rewards. Some rewards have a deadline to be used that isn’t listed. Also, I wish there was a way to clear search history.

Cheap items that don’t match the description

In this app when you order something you have a 70% chance that you receive the item and a 30% chance of not getting it at all, after 2+ months of waiting I did not receive a ring I ordered l, they refunded me the money after wasting all that time waiting for a package that never arrived, it takes every order to get out of China 1 month, and after that god knows how much time it takes to arrive to your country, etc. disgusting app, will never purchase from it again

It’s a good app

Overall, I would say it’s a good app. Products are cheap but I’m unsure weather or not the products are of a good quality or if the products are produced by cheap and unfair means. Thus far the items I have purchased ares of average or good quality from China. Altogether, I have had a good experience with the Wish App. Fast shipping and good products!


Always get my products on time and in great condition. Will always recommend Wish. Always!

Place my 1st purchases

Here about this when I comment on a friend product . Came home downloaded been on it for hours now kinda mad now they should of been puts out lol . Got a eBay and Amazon account lots of money spent .

Love wish!!

Wish thing arrived a lot quicker


I love wish! They have always sent me everything I ordered..never got lost in the mail..there was never a mix up in orders..the quality of the merchandise is just like the picture and descriptions!! I have to really control myself! I find it so easy to shop!! Lol I’m always excited about what’s coming in the mail!! Thank you WISH!!!

Love wish

I love this app thanks a lot guys

Wish is the real deal

Wish makes Digital shopping enjoyable and convenient.


Me gustan las pinturas que venden aquí solo que no ay forma de escoger los colores


I would never recommend this app. Not only does it take a couple of months for an item to ship, but I never got what I ordered. I checked the order history to see the progress but it had disappeared completely. Wast of money!!!

Not receiving merchandise

Sometime I order several things at a time, the order takes so long I forgot that I order it already. I have 90 percent of merchandise satisfaction and somethings came in damage and know way returning it.

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